The walking hydraulic MINI-MAX concrete block machine is designed for the production of small-size construction elements, such as: concrete blocks, structural-wall tiles, structural-floor tiles, formwork blocks, chimney blocks, ventilating blocks, lawn edges, planter elements as well as other elements of small architecture.

The concrete block machine combines high production efficiency, high quality of the products, easy operation – and all that at an attractive price.

There are 4 vibrators fixed in the machine – two are located on the mould and two on the punches. Vibrators on the mould have been produced in a special way, they are driven by high-speed engines and guarantee high quality of products.

Punches are equipped with mechanic blocking system which allows to achieve a constant production output. The way the mould and the punches are fixed prevents their swinging and transferring the vibrations onto the main body of the machine. Isolating the vibrations from the charging hopper protects the mass from unwanted vibration. The concrete block machine is operated manually by means of proportional manipulator.

Machine design makes it easy to exchange the mould, thus allowing for a quick adjustment of production to the changes occurring on the market.

PHK MINI-MAX, in order to achieve the full mechanization of production, may cooperate with the supplementary devices that are included in our offer, such as:

hydraulic stacker – designed for collecting small-size concrete elements produced by a walking machine from the production site and placing them on a EURO pallet; it is available both without the store space or with the pallet store space;
hydraulic gripper – cooperating with a fork-lift truck, designed for collecting elements from the production site and placing them on a EURO pallet;
concrete basket – designed for transporting concrete, adjusted for cooperation with a fork-lift truck and a crane.