Three Phase Testing Stand of LS-3 Type3

Three Phase Testing Stand of LS-3 Type

Three Phase Testing Stand of LS-3 Type

- Full compatibility with the IEC 736 standard
- Fully automatic
- Automatic procedures for meters testing
- Efficient calibration and legalization
- Independent waveforms for voltage and current signals
- Different meter communication systems
- Network operation

LS-3 testing stand is a fully automatic system enabling calibration and legalization of electric energy meters. The automatics include power sources, reference standards, photoelectric scanning heads and other elements of the system. All these elements are controlled through a Windows® based executive program.

The use of the-latest-design signal processors and advanced technologies of signals synthesis, as well as the unmatched precision, quality and functionality qualify the system for testing all kinds of electric energy meters available on the market, form the simplest electromechanical ones to multi-functional electronic meters, including the prepaid, multi-system, multi-quadrant meters with power recorders, and other.

For determining the tested meters errors, the LS-3 testing stand employs the reference standard meter method. The error of the tested meter is determined by counting impulses generated by the reference standard within gating time determined with the photoelectric scanning head, which detects the meter disc movement or with the LED flash of the tested meter.

All kinds of other tests indicated in the subject norms are available, such as the test of no-load condition, the test of starting condition, the test of meter constant, the test of maximum power demand indicator, and many other. An important feature of the system is the fact that it performs automatically additional operations facilitating the testing process, which are not defined in an open way, e.g. the system automatically sets tested meters in the mark-in-front position before performing the test of no-load condition or the test of starting condition.

Thanks to excellent parameters, great functionality and flexibility the LS-3 testing stand finds application in national laboratories of metrology and other customers interested in electricity meters testing.