RD-31 Dytronic Portable Three-Phase Standard

RD-31 Dytronic Portable Three-Phase Standard

RD-31 Dytronic Portable Three-Phase Standard

WORST CASE = +/- 0.02%

RODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: The Radian RD-31 Three-phase Electricity Reference Standard achieves a level of accuracy and performance never before available in a portable standard. The RD-31 has a worst case accuracy of 0.02% for all measurment functions across its entire operating range, with typical accuracy of 0.005%. This worst case accuracy specification includes the variables of stability, power factor, and traceability uncertainty.

The RD-31 utilizes Radian’s new Dytronic measurement technology consisting of a Radian designed Integrating Analog to Digital Signal Converter. Unlike off-the-shelf A/D Converters used in other instruments, Radian’s A/D Converter is specifically designed and optimized for power and energy measurement. This unique design makes the RD-31 absolutely unsurpassed in its ability to accurately measure “real world” waveforms. The RD-31’s A/D Converter is combined with Radian’s renowned electronically compensated voltage and current input transformers and a hermetically sealed reference set to provide the highest degree of accuracy, stability and versatility offered in a portable three-phase standard.

MEASUREMENTS: The RD-31 is a four quadrant three-phase measuring instrument that registers both forward and reverse energy flow and provides per phase voltage, current, power and energy (Active, Reactive, Apparent) information.

ANALOG SENSE: The optional analog sense feature enables testing of transducers and electronic energy meters that provide an analog current output from zero to 2 mA.

METER AND STANDARD TESTING: The RD-31 can be used with a controlled current source to test revenue meters and reference standards. In field applications the RD-31 can perform a true three phase meter accuracy test using existing service load. Pickups to sense meter disk rotation or calibration pulses of infrared, visible light or KYZ variety plug directly into the unit. The RD-31 is ideal for testing high end energy meters found in power plants, substations, inter-tie points and at large utility customer accounts. The RD-31 is also the perfect complement to relay test sets where it can serve as an active reference standard when testing meters or can be used to periodically certify the accuracy of the test set itself.The RD-31 is available in a portable or rack mount package.

POWERFUL SOFTWARE: The RD-31 has an optional built in computer with color touchscreen display. Windows CE based RR-MobileSuite software powers the testing and analysis functions of the RD-31. RR-MobileSuite is a set of simple, yet extremely powerful, software tools. Metrics enables the user to view and manipulate views of all measurements including: Instantaneous, MIN/MAX, and Accumulating. Configure enables setting and control of various device parameters. Meter Test allows you to perform a test on a revenue meter. Standard Test allows you to test up to three secondary standards.
Results for meter and standards testing are calculated, displayed, and can be saved. The use of standard memory cards makes data expansion unlimited. Data management features allow users to easily query, view and transfer saved test results to a PC. Customizable export files can be created using a flexible Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format that is easily imported into other PC applications. The RD-31 can also be controlled with an external computer using an RS-232 serial connection. RR-PCSuite is a PC based version of RR-MobileSuite software that adds the ability to directly save test results to a computer’s hard disk. RR-Kit software is a set of commands, routines and instructions for developing custom software applications.

POWER ANALYSIS: This option to the RD-31 adds valuable tools to RR-MobileSuite. Vectors graphically displays three phase vector diagrams with flexible display settings. Harmonics provides Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for all three phases of voltage and current waveforms, displays amplitude and relative phase angle data up to the 64th harmonic, and provides graphical representations of all harmonics information.
Trend enables you to generate a trend chart for any of the instantaneous metrics. The unprecedented accuracy of measuring distorted waveforms combines with this power analysis capability to clearly distinguish the RD-31 as the definitive portable energy reference instrument for both testing and power quality applications.